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Fraser Island (K'Gari) Dingo

Wildlife in Protected Areas

fraser island dingo
canis lupus dingo - Living well and wild on Fraser Island

It is said that Dingos were introduced to Australia some 4500-5000 years ago by South East Asian seafarers. They carried the dingos on their vessels as a source of food and dropped them off in remote areas they beached in. This was done so they had a potential food supply in these areas for the future.

Scientists have carbon-dated bones from dingo remains found around the Great Australian Bite in South Australia - at around 3500 years. Scientists have also theorized that Asian seaman would have transported the dogs in the Northern parts of Australia as this was a route taken to the Spice Islands and an area where it is believed that they traded pearls with local Aboriginals. It has been estimated that it would have taken around a thousand years for the wild dogs to be prominent in South Australia, thus they are believed to have been in Australia for 4500-5000 years.

dingo on beach

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