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Why Travel with Sunrover?


Sunrover Tours have been operating Eco tours for over 20 years. The family owned and operated tour company is one of a few with permits to Fraser Island (K'Gari), Moreton Island and Carnarvon Gorge. These permits allow for the most extensive tours to all three destinations. Sunrover has a tour to suit all budgets with the best in luxury accommodation and a huge range of National Park accommodation and camping options. (Glamping on Moreton Island). Our friendly guides offer local hospitality understanding of area's flora and fauna; rich history and cultural heritage insights. We offer romantic destination with spectacular coastal and country scenery and interesting local wildlife encounters. See more and do more with Sunrover. Sunrover also has a small group to guide ratio for all tours. (max 10 clients per guide) This allows for personal tours, with more information for our clients. The group can spend more time in more areas, and a personal guide to answer any questions, and provide safety advice.

carnarvon gorge creek
Carnarvon Creek, Carnarvon Gorge
20 years
G'day guys, was going through our old photo albums and came across this photo. Thought that we'd let you know that even after 20 odd years from our trip to Moreton Island we still remember the service, more so the fact that because my wife was a vegetarian she was cooked a red emperor fish especially. Think that you had only been operating for about 4 years at the time and by the look of it you've done well, keep up the good work.
Bryan Cole - 27 Jun 2014

We offer the best value for money; great nature based activities and eco tourism at its best.

dingo and car on beach
Dilli Village sign in background - Dingo 75 mile surf beach - Sunrover Vehicle

Sunrovers Fraser Island (K'Gari) Base Camp Area has great camping options, with 1, 2, 3 and 6 person tents. Sunrover supplies mattresses and sleeping bags with all the tents setup with great access to the beach for night star gazing and morning sunrises. The camping area has 2 BBQs and a stove for all your cooking needs, free fridge and great facilities (plates, cutlery etc). Dilli Beach Camp Area is also the start of Fraser Island great walks, with Lake Boomanjin- the Worlds largest perched lake only a short hike from Dilli. This has been Sunrovers Base Camp for the past 20 years with new modern amenities - hot showers, environmentally friendly loos, grassed campsite on Govi Creek beside Fraser's Eastern Beach.

View from Moreton Island Light House

Moreton Island Blue Lagoon Base Camp is situated on the eastern surf beach of Moreton Island. It has great camping options, with 1, 2, 3 and 6 person tents. Sunrover supplies mattresses and sleeping bags. All the tents are setup with great access to the beach for night star gazing, and morning sunrises and Lake sunsets. Take time to snorkel, explore and swim the natural tea tree waters of Blue Lagoon.

car, eli creek
Sunrover 4WD Tour Vehicle at Eli Creek, Fraser Island (K'Gari)

Vehicles: Sunrover vehicles are updated every 3 years, with all having seat belts and Transport Dept Rego. Sunrovers Tour Guides have extensive knowledge of the National Park, Beach and tide conditions. They will aim to have everyone enjoy their time with us.

coloured sands


We try to recycle as many plastic bottles and aluminum cans as we can. Groups and volunteers are collecting rubbish from beaches, due to the high seas and erosion.

Weed eradication

Sunrovers volunteers removes weeding from the campsites around Eagers Creek

Renewable Energy

Replacing the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources such as solar powered campsite. Sunrover tours uses three sets of specialist solar panels and systems on Moreton Island.

Technology change

Promoting new technologies that reduce CO2 emissions. Through twitter, Facebook, msn, and text messages, (less paper work and cost)

Energy efficiency
Weed Eradication

Improving energy efficiency for communities and industry renewable energy: Replacing non renewable fossil fuels with renewable energy sources such as solar. Sunrover Green Vehicle Maintenance prevents pollution. Maintaining a fleet of several 4WD mini buses and large 4WD vehicles, we relied on drivers knowledge of tides and conditions to add save fuel and wear and tear on vehicles.

Food that promotes health and environmental protection

Sunrover aims to use products that are grown, harvested, processed, packaged and distributed with the least amount of environmental impact. Typically these products are local and organic

Guest Education

By raising the awareness of guests and clients, Sunrover allows them to join their guide in helping to protect the environment, re education some and leave only footprints Through detailed guide information, stories, information folders, pictures, and interpretive signage our clients can learn and see the changes Sunrover has made to the areas.

Recycle Water

All Sunrovers vehicles are washed at recycled water washing at Rainbow beach, and guests are encouraged to refill water bottles and water conservation where possible.


Through ongoing, evolving partnerships with external and intental stakeholders.
Sunrover is better able to serve guests while protecting its properties natural surroundings.
Bulwer township on Moreton Island, Second Valley Eurong on Fraser Island, Dilli Village on Fraser Island
Queensland National Parks - Fraser Island, Moreton Island, Carnarvon Gorge
World wildlife Fund, Department of Transport

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